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 Publications 2009 - 2011

M.KACHI, M. Nemamcha, B. Tabti, L. Dascalescu "Comparaison beteween three measurement methods for caracterizing the charge state of granular insulating materials", Journal of Electrostatics 69 (2011).

M.KACHI, M.Nemamcha, L.Herous, L.Dascalescu, "Neutralization of charged insulating granular materials using AC corona discharge", Journal of Electrostatics 69 (2011).

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W.Tourab,A. Babouri et M. Nemamcha."Experimental Study of Electromagnetic Environment in the Vicinity of High Voltage Lines."American J. of Engineering and Applied Sciences 4 (2): 209-213, 2011

Communications internationales 2010/2012

A. Babouri “The immunity study of cardiac pacemakers to low frequency electromagnetic interferences” 7th Jordanian International Electrical and Electronics Engineering Conference JIEEEC-2011, 11-14 April   Amman- Jordan

W. Tourab, A. Babouri et M. Nemamcha”Characterization of the electromagnetic environment at the vicinity of power lines” 21st International Conference on Electricity Distribution CIRED, Frankfurt, 6-9 June 2011

W.Tourab, A. Babouri et M. Nemamcha ,"Caractérisation d’une ligne haute tension comme source de perturbation électromagnétique : cas poste EL Hadjar au nord Est Algérien" 2ème Journées Internationales d’Electrotechnique, de maintenance et de Compatibilité Electromagnétique JIEMCEM 2010, 25-26 Mai 2010 Oran, Algérie.

A. Babouri, W.Tourab et M. Nemamcha ," Modélisation analytique et numérique des courants induits dans le corps humain générés par les champs électromagnétiques de bases fréquences" 2ème Journées Internationales d’Electrotechnique, de maintenance et de Compatibilité Electromagnétique JIEMCEM 2010, - Novembre 2010 Guelma, Algérie.

M. Kachi, L.Dascalescu, L. Herous, M. Nemamcha, "Experimental study of charge neutralization at the surface of granular layers of insulating material", 2011 IEEE IAS Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida USA.
A. Lemzadmi, A.K. Moussaoui, A.Boudefel, F. Belloucif, A. Guerroui, (2010), « Prediction of corona Discharge Onset Voltages in in SF6-N2 Gas mixture Using a Bayesian Trained Artificial Neural Network Model », Colloque International sur les Mathématiques Appliquées Guelma le 07-08 Novembre 2010.

A. Guerroui, A.Lemzadmi, A.K. Moussaoui, (2010), « Determination of corona discharge onset voltages in SF6-N2 gas mixtures using empirical models and artificial neural networks », International Conference on Electrical  Engineering, Electronics and Automatic, ICEEEA’10, Bejaia, Algeria, 2-3 November 2010.

A.Guerroui, A.Lemzadmi, A.K. Moussaoui, (2010), « Modeling and prediction of corona discharges onset voltages in SF6-N2 gas mixture », 2èmes Journées Internationales  d’Electrotechnique, de Maintenance et de Compatibilité Electromagnétique, ENSET Oran du 25 au 27 Mai 2010.

W.Tourab ,Guerroui, K. Bounaya, Etude  de l’influence du court circuit  sur la stabilité transitoire d’un réseau électrique ,2èmes Journées Internationales  d’Electrotechnique, de Maintenance et de Compatibilité Electromagnétique à l’ENSET Oran du 25 au 27 Mai 2010

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A. Boudiaf and A.K. Moussaoui, (2012), « Condition Monitoring of Rotating Machines Using Bayesian Trained Artificial Neural Networks », 7th International Conference on Electrical Engineering, CEE’2012, Batna, Algeria, October, 8-10, 2012.

A. Boudiaf, A.K. Moussaoui and S.E.A. Seddiki, (2011), « Condition Monitoring of Rotating Machines Using Artificial Neural Networks and Wavelet Transform », International Conference on Signal, Image, Vision and their Applications SIVA’11, Guelma, Algeria, November 21-24, 2011.

Ahcene Lemzadmi, Assia Guerroui, André Denat & Nelly Bonifaci,  The 2nd International Advances in Applied Physics and Materials Science (APMAS 2012), in Antalya, Turkey, 26 to 29 April 2012.

A. Guerroui, Lemzadmi, A. K. Moussaoui, Deuxième Conférence Internationale sur la maintenance, la Gestion, la logistique de l’Electrotechnique CIMGLE 2012, ENSET Oran-Algérie, 19-21 Novembre 2012.

W. Tourab, A. Babouri et M. Nemamcha” Improvement of EMC in a high voltage line by reducing the electric field generated” 16ème édition du Colloque International sur la Compatibilité ElectroMagnétique (CEM 2012)., - 25 au 27 Avril 2012  Rouen, France.

A. Babouri “Pacemaker radiation by the Electrical coupling” FIFTH SAUDI SCIENCE CONFERENCE (ssc5-2012), 16-18 April Makkah, Saudi Arabia 2012.

Mohamed MILOUDI, Mokdad REMADNIA, Ciprian DRAGAN, Karim MEDLES, Amar TILMATINE, Lucian DASCALESCU “Experimental Study of the Effect of Ambient Air Humidity on the Efficiency of Tribo aeroelectrostatic Separation of Mixed Granular Solids”. Annual Meeting of the IEEE/Industry Application Society, Orlando, FL USA, 9-13 October 2011.

Publication:    2007 - 2009

Lazhar HEROUS, Mohamed NEMAMCHA, Mokdad REMADNIA, Lucian DASCALESCU, “Factors that Influence the Surface Potential Decay on a Thin Film of Polyethylene Terephtalate (PET)”, Journal of Electrostatics, Vol. 67, No.2-3, pp. 198-202. 2009. ISSN 0304-3886.

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 Publications internationales 2003 - 2006

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Publications nationales

L. Herous, Revue des Sciences et de la Technologie « Synthèse » N°ISSN 1111-4924.

M.Z. Aissaoui, Revue Sciences et Technologie, N°ISSN 1111-5041.

Communications internationales

T. Medjeldi, M. Nemamcha et J.P. Gosse , Identification of partial discharges sources by an adaptive prediction method, Comparison with a neural network method . Inter. Conf. on Advances in Processing, Testing and Application of Dielectric Materials. APTADM'2001 Wroclaw, Poland.

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