The Laboratory of Electrical Engineering of Guelma (LGEG) was created in July 2000.

The activity of the laboratory is multidisciplinary and the main topics of research are:

  • dielectric materials;
  • Electromagnetic compatibility;
  • High voltage;
  • Control and diagnosis;
  • Energy transport, distribution and protection;
  • Renewable energies.

Key words:

Dielectric, electrostatic measurements, charge dynamics, charge control, electrostatic applications, triboelectricity, electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic environment, induced currents, medical implants, biomedical systems, high voltage, electrical discharges, Sulfur hexafluoride, divergent fields, Industrial processes, Electrical equipment, Fault diagnosis, Maintenance, Intelligent algorithms, modeling and Simulation, non-destructive testing, remote sensing, data fusion, classification, HV lines, Voltage control, Energy Quality, Harmonic Filtering, Compensating Static, Renewable Energy, Nanomaterials, Energy Storage, Photovoltaic Cell, Solar Energy, Super capacitor, Battery, Fuel Cells, Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene.


  •     Dielectric Properties of Composite Polymers.
  •     Decline of potential on the surface of films and insulating granular materials: Application to electrostatic separation.
  •     Charge carriers in powdery polymer insulators: Applications to electrostatic separation.
  •     Electromagnetic compatibility of medical implants.
  •     Health effects of GSM antennas and telephony.
  •     Breakdown of gaseous insulators (SF6 and mixtures).
  •     Quality Control of transport networks.
  •     Development of storage devices for renewable energies.
  •     Development of nanomaterials for renewable energies.